At BMW Motorcycles of Detroit, we understand that you can't enjoy your BMW when it's sitting at the dealership. That's why we provide:

  • Service for all BMW motorcycles!
  • Factory-trained technicians.
  • We install aftermarket parts, no matter where you bought them.
  • Full complement of BMW factory tools and diagnostic equipment.
  • Three-day turnaround for scheduled service (Based on parts availability).
  • Overnight service on BMW parts

Here are some examples of work that can be done


The 5 speed transmission in the R90s and R100s are overall good, reliable units. There are a few improvements that can be made to greatly improve shifting performance.

Ship us your transmission for expert repairs and updates, like shift cam improvements or high ratio 5th gear. Also, precise input shaft shimming is very critical for the best possible shifting.

K1200 TRANS.jpeg

The K1200 transmission has been very reliable. Shift linkage ratchet jamming and input bearing failure on high mileage motorcycles is about all that goes wrong with these units, very serviceable to give you long life out of your transmission.

R DRIVE.jpeg

The K1200 rear drives have had trouble with the crown wheel bearing wearing prematurely. With precise shimming and the latest factory bearing, rear drive life has been greatly improved.

From the factory, these drives were set up with too much preload, we have developed a new way to measure this preload and it has been working out very well ever since!


Contact Don in our service department for any questions you may have regarding servicing your BMW, new or old!!!